Saturday’s commentator described our game as “really easy on the eye” and while I find that incredibly hard to believe, it does sound like it was a decent watch for our travelling faithful.

Obviously, three points are better than one - and by all accounts we were close to getting a win during a much improved second half - but on this occasion, I’ll take a point. Because a few weeks ago, I’d have expected defeat.

At the risk of sounding like a happy clapper, things feel a tiny bit better than they did at the end of last year. Unbeaten in the league in 2023. A stunning save from Norman. And another worldy from Big Mike. Things are looking up (I think). Keep the faith.

Dawn Marsden


Another point on the board meaning we have taken four points off Aldershot this season and to top it off a peach of a strike from Fondop. Some fans have taken the point as a failure, negative or otherwise but I see it as a positive, picking anything up away from home is good if we can continue picking up three at home.

There seems to be a lot of frustration from the fans base, like results are expected yesterday. We need to understand where the club is at, start to be patient and “trust the process” (I hate using those words). We are a club now with only one loss in six and heading in the right direction from the drop zone. The calls for Fondop coming off at half-time a pick from Saturday. This isn’t Football Manager, yes there will be ups and downs but we have people at the club who are local, passionate and one of them a club hero.

STOP calling for a change every two minutes, STOP with the personal insults towards our manager and get behind him and the team. We are all grown ups, let’s act like it. If we are pushing in the same direction it can only be a good thing.

Adam Keeley


A draw away at Aldershot continued the resurgence in form for Latics in 2023. Unbeaten in the league since the turn of the year, and excusing the aberration against Gateshead in the FA Trophy it could be that things are finally starting to look up.

David Unsworth kept faith with a winning team with Josef Yarney keeping his place at centre half after the win against York City at the expense of Peter Clarke. Mike Fondop scored a cracking goal from 25 yards out and Magnus Norman saved a penalty to help gain a point in what was a solid team performance, and with four consecutive home games to come it must be hoped that the team can now start to climb the league table to a much more respectable position.

These next four games could make a massive difference to both the league position and the confidence of the team going forward.

Ten points from them would be great, seven or eight points should be the minimum expectation.

Gary Skinner


Incremental improvements carry on, it seems.

Undoubtedly the team has much greater quality in it than it did just a few weeks ago, but even so when facing another improving team with a real handful of a striker on seven goals in seven games, that’s a different test to facing a Dorking side totally out of confidence and down on luck.

In spells, we were great - mainly the first 10 minutes - but we maintained a threat and given we’d got to that point at 1-1, Nuttall’s 88th minute chance arguably should have given us all three points.

Unsworth was happier about the performance than I was - it felt like most of the team had an off day. Apart from whacking in a worldie, Fondop had the touch of an elephant (or Sean McCarthy).

The big tests though are the forthcoming four home matches. A realistic target should be 10 points - beating Halifax, Maidstone and Gateshead, and a draw with Dagenham. If we do that, then we’re set up for the rest of the season. If we don’t, we’re still in trouble…

James Reade