Micky Mellon's bid to upgrade and improve the Latics squad is an ongoing process, he says, and one which is likely lead to more ins and outs at the club.

The new Oldham Athletic boss has his players under constant review in his quest to put his own stamp on the team and thrust the club from the current position play-off outsiders right into the promotion mix.

After strengthening the goalkeeper ranks last week with the arrival of Dan Langley, following injury to Magnus Norman, Ben Tollitt was allowed out on a short-term loan to Kidderminster Harriers.

And Mellon anticipates even more movement as he looks to bring a better balance to his squad.

"I don't expect this will be the first time that we'll do this (again), because I'm the new manager and I want to have a look at what's already here in the building and what opportunities there are outside of the building to build my own team.

"If I can find that quality from outside to bring in I'll do that, if I can make the players better that I've got I will work on doing that and then obviously if there are any opportunities that I think suit any of the players - because I think I'm a fair guy - if the opportunity's there to go and play football somewhere else and it doesn't look likely they'll get an awful lot here I have to respect that.

"It wouldn't be news to anybody to think that there are probably areas of the pitch where we would be looking to bolster because we're a bit light in certain areas and in other areas we're very heavy.

"Also myself and Gary (Brabin), Paul (Murray), Darren (Royle) and the owners, we want to build a team that we think can take us forward.

"That's what I'm here for, to try to do, and if I think that I can make the players better that are here we'll have discussions about that, and if I think there are better opportunities out there to bring into the club to make us better then we can look at that as well.

"Ultimately there'll be no emotion involved, it will all be about building the best team possible to win games for Oldham."

Asked if he anticipated more signings, Mellon added: "Recruitment never stops for a club that's ambitious like Oldham. It never stops, it's ongoing, it's every day.

"And we're always talking about our players, how we can make them better in training and around about the place. Also people would be naive to think we're not looking at the outside for opportunities to bring in to keep trying to make the team better.

"That will be ongoing all the time. Because for a club that's ambitious, which we are, and wants to keep winning games of football and keep getting better either the players that we've got have to get better or we have to get better in, and that's what we'll try to do."