New Oldham Athletic boss Micky Mellon was introduced to supporters at a 'Meet the Manager' night.

The event, which was held at the Oldham Event Centre in the Joe Royle Stand at Boundary Park, was attended by around 120 fans, with some putting their questions to the Scot.

Mellon was accompanied by his assistant, Gary Brabin, who he played alongside at Blackpool in the 1990s.

Here are some of the questions that were put to the new Latics chief, and his response to them:

Q: How far into Oldham's future do you see yourself and what is ultimate goal?

MM: I don't see me doing anything other than being at Oldham. I have no plans to be anywhere else. Me and Gary along with Paul Murray, we want to win games of football for Oldham and keep doing that. We love it here, there are some fantastic people here. We love the football club. I'm going to be here as long as we keep winning games or I look like I'm going to be winning games, or move the club forward.

Q: Frank Rothwell said he believes Latics can get to League One/Championship. Do you?

MM: I've got to take care of today, it's small steps. Make sure we take care of everything that gives us a good chance of winning the next game. If we keep winning games we'll get to where we want to get to. I can only look at the now. But with the size of the club, the infrastructure and Frank backing us, why not? We can absolutely go for that. We have the fanbase and the plans are exciting to build a sustainable football club. It's an exciting time.

Q: Is there are position you're aiming for this season?

MM: I want to get promotion. I want to make the play-offs. We've got work to do but a club this size, fanbase this size we have to keep saying minimum we want to make the play-offs. That's the big dream, I have no problem saying that's what we want to try to deliver. We have the energy, desire and knowhow to hopefully achieve that this season.

Q: Do you feel let down by some of the performances since you got here?

MM: No. We're building towards something. I know what I want that something to look like. I hate getting beat.

We've inherited this group and we will take responsibility to try to get this group to be the best they can be but we won't mess about if we think there isn't a good chance of being where it needs to be.

I think patience at the minute and a wee bit of understanding of what we're trying to do. I hope people know we're very calculated about what we're doing, we know the process about what we're trying to do, we're very calm about that.

Q: Do you see similarities with this team or other teams you've won promotion with?

MM: When you take over a football club it's rare you take them on when they're top of the league and flying. We know what good looks like so we're working towards good, and we know what consistent good looks like. We know we've got work to do to try to get this to where we want to get to. The players are working so hard in order to give them the chance to be that group (that can do well for Oldham).

Q: Will we be playing with wingers?

MM: We do. Devarn Green's a winger. The thing about football now is, if I said to you name five out and out wingers in English football I think you'd be struggling. People don't play out and out wingers like they used to. I don't think those players are getting developed anymore. Football's changing. But we definitely look to play with width and use wide men and two front men at the minute

Q: Are you worried about a lack of pace in the squad?

MM: You need pace and you need legs in your team, there's no doubt about that. We'll work towards trying to bring that, either out of the group we have at the minute, or we will look to try to do that from outside. That's where we're at at the minute. We've got to try to find a way of winning games of football, scoring goals, keeping clean sheets and growing something. This can't be done overnight, there's a lot of work to be done. There'll be a lot of good times but there will be disappointment, that's just the nature of football, but we will get there.

Q: Charlie Raglan was brought in as a marquee signing but hasn't played in a while, will we see him soon?

MM: When I came Charlie Raglan wasn't playing. You take a club over at this stage of the season you have to roll it forward and learn about a group of players I never recruited. Sometimes people are unfortunate they weren't in that group that you took over. We need to learn more about the group as we go along and that goes for them all. That's just the way sometimes thing land when you come in as a manager at this stage of the season.

Q: We're scoring a lot from outside of the box, is that something you're telling the players to do?

MM: We want players to take opportunities when they come. You don't win the raffle if you don't buy a ticket

Q: Do we have a new chief scout and who makes final decision (on recruitment)?

MM: A head of recruitment is important so we're in the process of looking at that now. Who makes the final decisions? I like to involve as many people as possible in a decision, I would probably be the last one to have a defining vote, but we all see football in a similar type of way, that's why I want to work with these guys. If we were bringing someone in the majority I believe would think it was the right decision to make

Q: If the players were sat in your seats how would they describe you and Gary?

MM: I would hope that they would say we're honest, we're fair, and we'll tell them the truth even when it's tough to tell them because when you tell them good things they can believe me. When they've been poor I'll say they're poor. And also I do genuinely care about my players because I want them to be good. Everything I say to them, and I tell them when I first meet them, everything I say to you is because I care about you and I care about your careers and I would never be flippant about your careers.

I think they would say he will want to win games, and he won't let much get in his way to do that.

Q: Do you have a preferred formation?

MM: The one that wins me games, I love that one.

I look at the group I have and what gives me a chance of scoring goals and what gives me a chance of keeping clean sheets. I don't have a preferred system of doing that.

I've played with loads of different formations, so has Gary. I wouldn't say I had a preferred one.


MM: I think with experience, my job is not about me, it's about what those players need from me in that moment, so I can be a whole host of different things. I can give it to you as much as the next guy if I think that's needed, but it's about picking those moments to get the right impact in those moments, in the right manner for that group for different characters and different groups that need to be dealt with differently. I always consider my approach to the group in order to try to fix the situation or make it better - either at half-time going into the second half or after the game. I think Sir Alex Ferguson would tell you the 'hairdryer' was a bit of a myth and he would only ever bring it out when it was needed, and that probably wasn't a lot.