Liam Hogan has said he will not change the way he plays, despite the jeopardy of missing games through suspension.

The Oldham Athletic captain serves the second of a two-match ban for accumulated bookings when Latics make the trip to Ebbsfleet this weekend (kick-off 5.30pm).

And although he admits it has been tough to sit out crucial fixtures as Oldham bid to cement their place in the National League play-offs, he will not compromise on his style.

Hogan has, however, called for a more common-sense approach to issuing yellow cards after witnessing - and being on the end of - what he feels have been some unfair and unjustified decisions this season.

"There was a big tackle on Nathan Sheron in the first half on Saturday (that went unpunished) and I go in the Barnet game and I don't actually make a tackle in the whole game but still come out with a yellow card. I got done for taking too long taking a throw-in," said the skipper.

"I was fetching a ball at Boreham Wood, threw it back to the keeper for him to take the free kick quicker and I was 'delaying the re-start'.

"I understand they (referees) have got someone above them that's monitoring their behaviours but then we see a lot of the other decisions of fouls and sending off challenges and penalty area stuff that they get wrong, but they're so focused on sock tape, under shorts all being the same colour - all the trivial things really.

"They have been told to get the ball in play more, speed the game up and make it more entertaining, so I understand that side of things. And it's the teams that adapt the best that will end up with the best disciplinary record, because if you keep doing the same things that you did previously you're going to get pulled up for it.

"I still do the same stuff. I play on the line, I've always played on the line, it's what you're there for to be a defender. To go through 19 games, if you play all 90 minutes of them basically you're saying 'five mis-timed tackles and you miss a game'. It's difficult.

"But if I've got four bookings hanging over my head or nine or whatever I'm not going to tiptoe around things because that will just change the way I'd approach a game.

"I hold my hands up if there were bad tackles flying in that were trying to injure opponents that would be deemed dangerous play, we're just getting caught out on the silly ones really which is difficult when the emotion of the game's quite high at times.

"Refs are human, the players are human, we're in league five for a reason and we're going to make mistakes, it's just more the common sense side of the game that I don't understand."