Reagan Ogle is braced and ready for the challenge awaiting him at Boundary Park.

The right back signed a two-year deal from Scunthorpe United last week to become Micky Mellon's first signing of the summer.

The position had become a prime area for strengthening, having gone through a full season without a recognised right back following the departures of Joe Yarney and Jordan Clarke at the end of their contracts.

And the 25-year-old says he is relishing the chance to fill the void and help Oldham Athletic achieve a collective goal in returning to the Football League.

"The challenge is what I'm after. I wanted to test myself and step up another league. I've played at this level before but I'm a year away from this league and I wanted to come back to it and really test myself and no better club than Oldham to come and do it at," said Ogle, who has had a year in National League North following Scunthorpe's relegation last summer.

"Despite the early days at Scunthorpe and what happened the first season - they've been through a lot - I loved my time there and really enjoyed it.

"That's football, you have to roll with the punches and we had a few of them there, but it was good and now I'm onto the next challenge.

"I'm a right back by trade. I like to get forward and attack. I'm a very physical and quick player so I'll leave it all out there.

"I just want to go out there and play week in, week out. That's what we all want to do as footballers and hopefully that's what I can do here.

"I'm really happy to get it over the line so early and now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time off and when the time comes get back into it."

Latics manager Mellon has spoken of his desire to attract players who are prepared for the pressures that come with an 'expectant' crowd.

During the recent fans' forum, when he was asked whether the club was doing enough to explore a more youthful market, perhaps from lower levels, Mellon said: "We will recruit from anywhere. But you've got to be able to handle it here, so you've got to get the character right. You can go and watch 'Whoever United' from three levels below us and the big question I'll ask is 'can he handle it in front of 7,000 people?'. That makes it that wee bit more difficult for us.

"If he's talented and stats are good... can he handle it out there? We've got players who are 24/25 who are going to be able to handle it out there but at the minute they aren't handling it. So it's a different task for us. That's not to say there isn't talent out there but it's something we have to consider."

Ogle revealed his conversations with Mellon before signing were positive.

"We were talking to each other about what he expects from his players and what he's looking to do this season," he explained.

"He was asking about what I expect from a coaching staff and from the gaffer and it was a real easy conversation and we go on well, so it was a perfect fit.

"I'm really looking forward to it. Oldham deserve to be higher than what they are and that's the goal here, that's everyone's goal to get this club as high as possible again, so that's what we're looking for this season to get up there."