England's second group game against Denmark was poor.

I thought we started really strong and felt very good but shortly after our goal it seemed to fall apart. Denmark were on top and we struggled to pull it back, and I think everyone could see the Denmark equaliser coming. It was a great goal as well from distance.

I’m used to these group games now so I don’t get too stressed about them, but there were many boos at the full-time whistle.

That's something I don't do. It's not something I've ever done, not even at Oldham!

The players knew they didn’t perform and I'm hoping that tonight they can not only come out strong but dominate the full game in a way that we know they are capable of.

It’s set to be a scorcher, 30 degrees in Köln, but hopefully being a 9pm kick off here (8pm BST) means it will have cooled down a bit by then.

We have already qualified for the knock-out stages, courtesy of Spain's 1-0 win over Albania on Monday night.

But I would love for us to finish top of the group - it's what we should always aim for in the group stages - but it will also be much easier travel wise for us fans! Well... apart from R16, unless they have drastically improved things from the first game.

I've had an incredible few days in between the games, socialising with fans from all over, including Scotland fans! Although I’m not sad Scotland are going home of course. But will miss the friendly banter with the Tartan Army!

I've also spent a few days travelling, visiting Frankfurt, Mainz and Heidelberg.

Mainz and Heidelberg are beautiful, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in visiting Germany. There are German markets and festivals throughout the summer in Mainz. So much fun, and the live acts played the 'Hey Jude' chorus multiple times, which was great.

Heidelberg is very scenic. We stayed in the most beautiful little hotel overlooking the whole city. There's a castle that you can walk up to or get a funicular, which is a fun experience.

I haven't seen any trouble at all, just everyone having a great time and hoping the football improves for England.