Liam Hogan says he has unfinished business with Oldham Athletic, and is maintaining his target of winning a third promotion from the National League.

Hogan, who captain Salford and Stockport to promotion before joining Latics, has skippered Latics since arriving at Boundary Park in the summer of 2022.

Signed by John Sheridan, he was a pre-takeover addition to the squad, and has witnessed first-hand a transition at the club.

He described missing out on the play-offs last season as "a failure".

But while he has been told by manager Micky Mellon that he will no longer be Oldham's captain, despite triggering an additional year on his contract through accumulated appearances, he says he is determined to use the change in his circumstances as extra motivation next season.

"It was a failure (last season) and I front that as the captain," said Hogan.

"There was expectation there, and there was expectation with me as a senior player within a group that I think - with what was in that group - should have done better. Should do better.

"That's no disrespect to any teams that have got a lesser name than Oldham, because they've done the work.

"I think with that team we should be doing better. But then that goes back to the process. Part of it is, I've been told, it needs a new face (as captain).

"It's another scenario and I think it's perfect for me.

"Motivation never goes away, you need to find a new one and that's just perfect for me.

Speaking on the 'I Had Trials Once' podcast, the 35-year-old added: "I didn't deliver a promotion like I've done at my last two clubs.

"It's high standards.

"I don't know whether any player has had three promotions out of the National League.

"I look at things like that, just little things that drive me.

"I won't be captain next year now but has anyone been promoted with three clubs from the National League? I want to look back and say that's what happened."

And Hogan believes as players they owe it to the club's owners and supporters.

"There are funds going in from owners and funds going in from fans, we need to spin things around," he said.

"I think we've been able to do that a little bit. I don't know if the fanbase will see it as progression but Oldham was in freefall.

"I joined with John Sheridan and the club was under a different ownership. It was touch and go, from some of the messages I was given. It was dead quiet, nobody coming through the doors.

"I get what Micky's saying, it needs a new face to change what he wants to change. He wants to shake things up because at the minute we've stalled the fall and last season we didn't start great but we got in a position where it was a bit optimistic about the new season."