PETERBOROUGH United chairman Darragh MacAnthony says he does not understand why Abdallah Lemsagam does not give fans what they want and sell Oldham Athletic.

The outspoken Posh chief likened Latics' situation to "being in a marriage where your wife hates your guts".

Since Covid restrictions were eased and fans were allowed to return to the stands after a season behind closed doors, Oldham fans have railed against the Lemsagam regime with a succession of protests and demonstrations.

This has led to Latics freezing out fans, with the club suspending ticket sales to non-season ticket holders for Saturday's trip to Leyton Orient and next weekend's home game against Hartlepool United, with season ticket sales suspended until further notice.

MacAnthony says that if he had alienated the Peterborough fanbase to the extent that Lemsagam has at Boundary Park, he would be looking for a sharp exit rather than keep ploughing money into the club.

"I've got history with the owner of Oldham so there's no love lost there, but it's a good club," said MacAnthony.

"I'm not sure what his MO (modus operandi) is or what his end goal is but whatever his plan is, it's not worked has it?

"So when you've managed to alienate the majority of your fanbase you're not doing a good job as an owner, so maybe it is time to find another owner.

"I'm not sure what you're waiting for."

A number of Latics fans have boycotted home games and all other revenue streams for the club, including the club shop, to try to force a change of ownership.

And MacAnthony, speaking on the Hard Truth: Inside the Football Industry Podcast, added: "Protests are affecting your gates. The best way fans can get rid of you is by voting with their wallets so if they're not buying tickets, if they're not buying commercial stuff, they're not buying stuff in the shop, what is the point you being there?

"It's a bit like being in a marriage where your wife hates your guts and you're coming home and sleeping in the spare bedroom every night and she doesn't want you in the house. How long are you going to hang around for? I don't get it myself.

"If Posh fans turned on me in that way I'd find a buyer and I'd be out of there, high tailing out of there. Because there's no way I'd want to be somewhere where I'm putting my money into it where I'm not liked or wanted."

MacAnthony's "history" with Lemsagam relates to Peterborough's bid to sign Latics' youth team graduate George Edmundson in 2019, which he pulled the plug on after the agreement in principle failed to materialise and vowed to never do business with the League Two club under their current ownership.

Without naming the player or the club, MacAnthony at the time tweeted: “Regarding everything out there about the centre-back from a League Two club who we’ve been constantly linked with. Our club agreed in writing with them a fee for the player and were given permission to speak to player/agent over eight days ago.

“The player was on holiday, but the plan was for the player to come to the club last Friday for medical & contract discussions the day after he returned from holiday.

“Three days prior to this a story leaked that we’d agreed a fee and full detail on all aspects of transfer was put out there for all to see. It’s nothing new in football and expected. Other clubs see the article (it worked) and one agreed a fee for the player.

“Our Friday appointment with player was still happening as per our agreement with the club who owns him, but 36 hours before this meeting his club contacts us to state our deal is off unless we pay more blah blah. I won’t budge as a deal is a deal in my opinion.

“We were then told we were no longer allowed to meet the player on Friday unless we renegotiate with his club. Out of principal I won’t do it. Had lots happen over transfers in 12 years BUT never had a club try to pull an agreed transfer that was hammered out in person and by email etc

“I am now officially pulling us from deal. I could have remained silent, but due to leak from last week it’s important our fans know the truth re the deal. And I most certainly won’t be dealing with said club owners ever again."