FOUR Latics fans have been proposed for key positions on the board of the Oldham Athletic Supporters’ Foundation.

OASF holds a seat on the club’s board through a three per cent shareholding.

But with many fans feeling their voices have not been heard by the club’s hierarchy, a drive to boost OASF’s numbers could see some change in the upcoming elections with Jim Booth, Matt Dean, Andrew Jones and Bradley Knowles the nominees. 

Dean, who runs the Boundary Park Alert System! podcast, was the driving force behind a sharp upturn in foundation membership, as he felt fans’ voices were not being heard.

In his application, he wrote: “I believe the primary role of a strong and effective supporters trust, is to protect the interests and community assets of a Football Club, on behalf of the community and supporters, NOT the custodians or ‘owners’ of the football club. With that in mind, OASF must be prepared to make difficult decisions and take principled stands on behalf of its membership and the town in times of crisis.”

In also applying, Booth wrote: “I’ve been a fan since I started going to Latics with my grandad in the early 90s.

“I’ve seen many issues since then which I wasn’t happy with, most looked like honest errors of judgement. The last three years have felt different, rife with poor decisions.

“Respect, dignity, and the desire to do things the right way should be core values of any club. Occasional gestures and emotive videos may lift us for a while, but ultimately, they only show what we should be. They aren’t a reflection of what our club has become.”

Jones said: "OASF needs to become the voice of the fans. That entails establishing what it is the majority of fans actually want.

"As supporters we are divided, there is no point denying that and I feel it is the responsibility and duty of OASF to step up to unite our fanbase, under one banner, so that the message of every fan is heard loud and clear by the current, and any future owners of Oldham Athletic Football Club.”

Knowles wrote: “We need to have fresh ideas and people of different ages on the foundation.

"I am 26 and have never seen success at this club, only 17th positions and the odd play-off attempt.

"I would bring passion into the role and offer my opinion as a supporter who has not seen the glory days. I am vocal and I am not afraid to say what needs to be said. I can represent all aspects of our fanbase.”

Paul Hughes is currently the Foundation's representative on the Latics board. 

Details on voting methods will be made available by OASF by Wednesday, July 28.