LATICS fans are refusing to back down in their bid to force a change of ownership at Boundary Park, despite Abdallah Lemsagam insisting he's going nowhere.

The Oldham owner penned an open letter to supporters, in which he said the club was not for sale and called for an end to recent protests.

But Latics fans say they will continue to take a defiant stance to keep the pressure on Lemsagam, and press ahead with plans for future protests.

Fans’ group Push The Boundary have even announced a combined effort with Leyton Orient fans at Brisbane Road, in solidarity for their troubles with former owner Francesco Becchetti, with demonstrations planned for the fourth minute of Saturday’s game.

"I think we have to plough on and do what we need to do in order to unify the fanbase and put even more pressure on in the right way,” said PTB founder member Steve Shipman, who had a Zoom meeting with Lemsagam last week.

He expects Saturday’s protest to have a visual impact and advised against pitch invasions, particularly away from home.

"The way that we want to do things is we want to keep it peaceful,” Shipman continued.

"Away from home if there are mass protests and people running on pitches and stuff like that it's not going to do our reputation any good as a club or a fanbase because you get them (the opposition club) fined and that's not going to get you any support.

"I think there's a lot of support for us around at the moment and we want to keep it that way.”

Asked if Lemsagam’s letter to fans altered feelings towards the ownership, Shipman added: “I think from our perspective I don't really think anything changes.

"We have to keep the pressure on and let him know he's not wanted.

"If he's not going to sell it then he's literally digging a deeper hole for himself because he won't recoup the money that he's put in and the value is only going down every day, every time there's a protest or every time we lose a game. He should just cut his losses and walk away and recoup whatever he can get his hands on.”

Matt Dean, who runs The Boundary Park Alert System! Podcast and is the newly appointed director of the Oldham Athletic Supporters’ Foundation which has a three per cent shareholding in the club and place on the board, said supporters had been angered by the open letter and even more geared towards forcing a change of ownership.

"It's not hit the right spot with supporters. You can see from the comments on Twitter, mainly, how it's gone down,” he explained.

“It starts and it ends with criticism of the fans, and if you're trying to engage supporters, is that the right place to do that in that response. To me it seems antagonistic towards certain elements of the fanbase as opposed to being a bit of a rallying call to try to unite the fans behind him.

"Have they got the tone right? I'm not sure they have.

"Is there some stuff in there which may be encouraging. Yes, there may be, but we're looking for a drastic turnaround.

"I think there's still lots of holes in it in terms of the position of Mohamed and things like that. Things that really can't be avoided.

"Looking at it purely from a footballing point of view we're in real danger of going down this season and what's going to be done about that? What's going to keep us in the division? Even if we take for granted that the club is in a reasonably sound financial state we're not going to be if we get relegated out of the Football League, that's a massive concern.

"I'm not reassured by it, let's put it that way, and I'm speaking personally and not on behalf of OASF.”