THE English Football League have expressed their disappointment at comments made by Latics head coach Keith Curle about the player registration issues the club have experienced.

Curle said he felt as though the EFL was "trying to make us fail" after having his pre-match preparations for the Carabao Cup tie at Brentford disrupted by ongoing discussions about whether certain players could or couldn't play in the final hours before kick-off.

With 15 players unavailable Latics, in the end, were only able to name four substitutes on their bench for the third round clash.

And, after losing 7-0 against the Premier League newcomers, Curle could not hide his frustration at how events had unfolded.

“At half past five I still couldn’t name my team because the club could not get an answer out of the EFL regarding money being transferred, proof of funds being transferred, where the funds have come from,” said Latics' head coach, who it is understood was referring to the negotiations over Harrison McGahey, which have now reached a conclusion but had not been finalised in time for the cup game.

The club was also seeking clarification over the availability of teenage left back Benny Couto, who came on at half-time.

“The football club have jumped through hoops and done everything required. At half five they (the EFL) said, ‘If you play this 17-year-old he becomes an established player within your (squad cap)’.

“I think they are trying to make us fail here.

“We couldn’t do a team meeting because we had to wait until quarter past-half past five as we had to wait for confirmation from the EFL whether I could start one player and two of the younger players. It’s had to go to their legal team, so preparation hasn’t been ideal. My team talk was on the pitch.

“The club are jumping through hoops and are being made to jump through hoops by the EFL, and every time we’re producing what the EFL want they give us another hurdle. They don’t seem to set it out and say ‘we need this, this, this and this, in that order, into there, from there, into there.

“Tell me what you need, tell me what you want and we will do it, rather than drip-feeding it to us and then we’re scrambling.”

The EFL have said they are disappointed by Curle’s criticism and have asked for a response.

In a statement to The Oldham Times, an EFL spokesman said: “Despite having provided Oldham Athletic with a significant amount of ongoing support in finding a solution to several player registration issues recently, we are disappointed to read the quotes attributed to Keith Curle and have asked the Club for its comments.

“The League’s support included assistance for the Club when it applied to a Dispensation Panel due its current injury situation and because a number of players were self-isolating, as well as extending deadlines. The Club is fully aware of the conditions which would need to be satisfied to register players, and the obligation is on the Club to meet those requirements. The outstanding issues were only resolved this morning (Wednesday 22 September) hence the reason why eligibility could not be confirmed in advance of last night’s fixture.

“We will continue to provide support and assistance to the Club.”