THERE is more to Benny Couto than a lethal long throw - but Keith Curle is aiming to capitalise on it at every opportunity.

The young left back, along with the rest of the squad, was tested for trajectory.

And after reaching the far post with one, Couto was quickly put on throw-in duties in the final third.

It worked wonders on his debut as he claimed an assist for Davis Keillor-Dunn's winner at Rochdale. And at Mansfield last weekend he caused havoc from the touchline as balls dropped into the opposition box.

And with Latics still lurking in the bottom two, Curle makes no apology for exploiting Couto's technique whenever the chance arises.

"The more we spend in the lower division, you have to look at everything in your armour, so everyone was tested for a long throw," the Latics head coach explained.

"A lot of players have a long throw, but they don't know it until they know exactly what the technique is and where they are trying to put it. And then you test them.

"Benny launched one nearly to the back post and you think 'Wow! We are going to use that occasionally'.

"I've known some players that have had very good careers by the length of their throw - capable footballers but their main asset has been a long throw.

"So where we are at the minute we will use everything in our armoury to get results.

"If you've got a left foot, right foot, long throw, hammer shot from 30-40 yards we will find anything that gives us a slight advantage and use it. We aren't shy about it.

"There are many many different ways to win a game of football."