LATICS fans have announced plans for a two-pronged protest for the next two Saturday home games, in an effort to re-exert pressure on owner Abdallah Lemsagam to sell the club.

Plans to 'Pack the Park' and 'Empty the Park' have been drawn up in response to a survey by fans' group Push The Boundary' to gauge reaction about their next course of action in their pursuit of a change of regime.

For the visit of Port Vale on November 20, it has been proposed that fans pack Boundary Park - including those who are currently boycotting home games until there is a change of ownership - to make noise both in support of the team but also against the ownership.

Then, for the home game against Forest Green on December 11, the opposite is being encouraged, with all fans being asked to join the boycott and stay away, or vacate the ground after 10 minutes in a mass walk-out.

It is almost seven weeks since the last official protest, when around 1,000 supporters gathered outside of the Main Stand chanting and displaying banners appealing for Lemsagam to quit the club amid growing fears for Oldham Athletic's future.

On that occasion some fans were dressed as clowns, one as the Grim Reaper and a handful carried a coffin bearing the plaque RIP OAFC down the Sheepfoot Lane and placed it at the doors to the club's reception ahead of the home game with Hartlepool United. An aeroplane with the banner 'AL AND MO TIME TO GO! #SAVEOAFC' was flown over Boundary Park during the game, while there had been pitch invasions and other interruptions in previous fixtures.

The double demonstration has been proposed following a mixed reaction to how supporters felt the best way to proceed with protests would be.

After a mixed response, organisers felt the two options would offer something to suit everyone.

In a statement, fans' group PTB said: "We recently surveyed the fanbase about our next course of action. This was an attempt to see how fans were feeling about the most effective course of action. We specifically wanted to know whether boycotting fans would return to BP and also whether current ST (season ticket) holders would willingly miss a game as part of a one-off organised protest. We feel that the results were positive enough to press on with this initiative.

"Therefore, for our next course of action we are announcing joint strategic action across two games. This is an attempt to find a level of compromise across a fanbase that is unified in terms of what it wants, but somewhat split in how it sees the most effective way of getting there.

"Therefore… Port Vale (home), Saturday 20th November, 3pm. For this game we are asking supporters to purchase a ticket and attend the game. This would be with a view to supporting the team when they need it most, but also letting the board, the chairman and sporting director know that they need to sell the club and move on.

"All of PTB are willing to make this sacrifice and enter the stadium, something we vowed not to do until the chairman had sold the club. However, it is clear that the situation is now critical and we appreciate that momentum must be driven by us as a group.

"The match day atmosphere has all but dried up at Boundary Park which is heartbreaking to see, but supporters cannot be blamed for this. The finger of blame can only be pointed at the man at the helm of the club, who has driven fans away in their droves, potentially destroying the next generation of Latics fans waiting in the wings to take the club forward. He has to be stopped before he destroys any chance of a positive future for us all as supporters.

"Take your family, bring your friends, get them to bring their friends. This is about showing the power that supporters have to dictate the future of their club and also showing the regime the errors of their ways and how good it could have been if they actually invested in the fanbase as opposed to showing it contempt and neglect since they took over. Between us all, we know lapsed Latics fans so let’s try and round as many up as we possibly can and make our feelings heard. In short, we need all fans to spread the word.

"We would encourage fans to move to the large part of the Rochdale Road End of the ground and join together to create an effective atmosphere. Let’s “Refill the Rocky!”.

"Regardless of where you sit, we encourage you to make as much noise as you can in a lawful manner."

The statement added that there would be a "compromise" for the next weekend home game, against Forest Green.

It continued: "This game we are asking that as many fans as possible boycott this fixture. If people are willing to attend a game when they once vowed not to, we are asking as a compromise that season ticket holders as well as regular attendees do the same. For one game.

"We will be around on the day to spread the word and hand out flyers to both home and away fans before the game. It has also been mentioned that fans could attend the game but stage a mass walkout after 10 minutes to offer a more visual boycott. We feel this would be effective and fully support this idea.

"We will be advising where we will be once the game has started and would be happy to encourage fans join us or other boycotters in pubs around the stadium.

"We appreciate that this approach won’t work over a prolonged period of time, but we are hoping fans will see the benefit of each approach to send a clear message and to show the power of supporters to attend/not attend as they see fit.

"Further action will be planned in due course but we call on ALL supporters to believe they can make a difference. We have 31 games to turn this situation around so each week/game is massive."