OLDHAM Athletic turned down the offer of support from the Football League after finding themselves under a double transfer embargo, because of the cost involved.

Latics have been operating under strict transfer restrictions all season as a result of a loan agreement with the EFL taken out to offset the financial cost of Covid-19, limiting them to free transfers and loans in a 22-man squad.

But in mid-October they were placed under a double transfer embargo and banned from any incoming transfer activity following a breach of EFL rules relating to missed transfer or compensation payments.

Latics were found to be in breach of Regulation 51.2.3, which is listed in the EFL’s embargo reporting service.

The regulation states “If a Club is in default of payments due to another Club (or club) under a transfer or compensation agreement the Club shall be subject to a registration embargo such that it shall not be permitted to register any player with that Club without the prior written consent of The League until such time as the agreement is honoured.”

It is understood that it was at that point that the EFL made attempts to assist with the running of the club, with the suggestion that experienced and well respected former Wigan chief executive Jonathan Jackson stepping in to offer support at the crisis club.

It is thought to be an unprecedented move by the organisation, but an attempt to mitigate genuine concerns that Latics could end up in the same situation as Bury, with their 126-year existence under threat.

However, Latics - owned by unpopular Moroccan businessman Abdallah Lemsagam - rejected the proposal because of the cost involved.

The club went on to have the second, more severe, transfer embargo lifted before the end of the month.

After being approached by The Oldham Times for a comment a club spokesman said: "The club was offered the services of an individual at a ridiculous daily rate.

"Also the individual concerned had a potential conflict of interests that we are not at liberty to disclose."

The EFL do not comment on individual cases.

But it is the latest development in what has been a dire week for the club, with a three-year ban for three supporters for 'disliking' the club and 'influencing others to do the same' lasting just three days, and instead replaced with a final written warning for Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation director Brad Knowles, Dominic Weiss and Nathan Price.

A club statement read: "After receiving representations from the three fans in question, an appeal committee of the club has decided to rescind the ban on the three fans and replace it with a final written warning. Should any of the behaviour be repeated again, a banning order will be issued."