THERE has been a mixed reaction from Oldham Athletic supporters to news of a potential takeover.

Some have welcomed the announcement and see light at the end of a tunnel that has taken Latics from League One to the foot of League Two under Abdallah Lemsagam's ownership, with the club currently managerless and head coach hotseat changing hands 10 times in just four years.

But others are more sceptical, and are wary of previous false promises made by the Moroccan businessman. And while Lemsagam has said he is actively looking for someone to buy the club, the message from this section of supporters is that they are more inclined to ‘believe it when they see it’.

Here is are the views of some of the Latics fans who got in touch with The Oldham Times following Lemsagam’s statement:

“Good news if he keeps his word. The stand court case always sounded like a final throw of the dice to claw back some money.

Imperative we stay up. Hope he keeps that promise we need strong signings this month.”


“If this revelation is honest and there must be doubts, it would rank amongst the greatest news in my sixty years of support. Why he’s not listened to advice is the frustrating thing about his tenure, surrounding himself with non footballing people his biggest mistake.”


“It’s good news, however Al is the king of statements that don’t come to anything. Invest in the team to avoid relegation whilst talking to potential buyers.”


“This means nothing it’s just another statement of intent amongst the other statements of intent that have led to nothing. Sell the club and get brass bank out, boundary park and it’s land should belong to Oldham athletic end of.”


“Honestly nothing new. Cheap way to get fans back. The litigation could take years. So whoever buys would need to be either willing to fund the process or drop it. ALs definition of credible bidder is something I would love clarifying.”


“I think it’s great news generally, but depends on timescales & whether the NS issue is pursued in court also what short term investment in the team will be made to give us a chance of staying in the Efl which would give him a greater opportunity to sell at a higher price.”


“Steve Dale at Bury put them up for sale, look what happened there, he’s told lies, and until it happens I don’t believe a word of it. He’s just trying to crank down the pressure.”


“The fact he his willing to sell is a positive, he admits he has made some mistakes. Says he wants to invest the squad and keep us up. Best way he can do that is what he should of done sooner bring in an experienced manager, remove his Brother and sign some better players.

“Hopefully a quick sale to decent potential buyers.

“My main worry is he will cash in quickly and sell which ever players he can trying to get whatever money he can make back and leave us at the bottom and put us into administration.


“Fantastic news. It’s not working, it’s never worked and it never will work. The one problem I have is that every time he speaks he is telling a lie so I will believe it when I see it.”