FAN pressure has finally resulted in the victory it’s been trying to achieve for the past few years: Abdallah Lemsagam has expressed his desire to sell the club.

Oldham supporters have been fighting for new ownership for a long time, but fans’ pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears until now.

Time and time again the owner would pledge that things would improve, but they never did.

And now Abdallah has finally seen sense and has decided to put the club up for sale.

I genuinely think that he’s been trying to do the best for the club (and from speaking to him in person he seemed to care), but his ideas were never right and only made us go backwards.

To those fans who for years have been questioning whether anybody else would ever want to buy us, you only need to look as far as the statement which says that the club is in talks with “credible bidders” who want to take over.

There have been people saying for months that this was the case. Rumours of interest have been there for years, but they’ve increased over the past few months and likely takeover options have come to the fore.

The fact that fans have protested for a long time and showed just how strong the level of support is at Boundary Park will have helped to generate this interest.

For the fans who’ve made the difficult decision to stop coming to home games, or for the fans who’ve made their voices heard either on the terraces, Sheepfoot Lane or on social media, this is the first step towards the victory supporters have longed for.

It is only the first step, and the owner is currently the same as it has been, but the fact that he is willing to entertain offers from others is a positive sign.

On another note, it’s worrying (let alone illegal) that letters containing bullets were sent to Abdallah and Mohamed Lemsagam. Let’s hope that the individual who sent such threats is found by the police.

Related to that, it was also infuriating to see fans not believing the journalists who reported on the story. I’d been told by a trusted club spokesman that it had happened and myself and The Oldham Times had followed up with GMP while Ben Ransom at Sky had a copy of the letter but needed clearance from his legal team to broadcast it.

Just because something comes from the club doesn’t mean it’s a lie. The coincidental timing with the club statement may have cast doubt, but we’d all done our due diligence to be sure of what had happened.