A Saddleworth primary school has announced it is developing a nursery in order to give children a "smooth transition" into the beginning of school.

Diggle School, based on Sam Road in Diggle, has announced its plans following years of feedback from parents and will look to open the nursery in September this year.

The nursery will be attended by children who would be at least three years old, and the nursery will be situated within the current school grounds.

Sarah Newton, headteacher at Diggle School, said: "We are very excited to be able to fulfil parental wishes by creating our own Diggle School Nursery, staffed by existing early years qualified Diggle School staff.

"Bringing this facility into our school community will have immeasurable benefits to both children and parents alike."

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According to a proposal document shared on the school's website, the nursery will see children start early phonics and number work and will also provide the opportunity to identify children with special needs early.

The nursery and reception class could also operate as an early years foundation stage unit sharing planning, visits and experiences, with the school also offering parents care for the children through our Before and After School Club.

Mrs Newton added: "Our nursery children will be able to familiarise themselves fully with the school environment prior to entering our Reception class, making them more relaxed and confident.

"They will even be able to access our wonderful hot school dinners.

"Meanwhile parents can be reassured that their children will have a smooth transition into the school setting, and benefit from full wraparound care in term time from the age of three."

Last year, Diggle School finished top of the table for Oldham primary schools based on Key Stage 2 exams, with 88 per cent of students meeting the expected standard.