An 'outstanding' not-for-profit preschool in Diggle is officially being removed this summer as governors of the school confirmed its plans to take over the premises with a new nursery, despite parents' 'disappointment' in the move.

In March this year, Diggle Dandelions Pre-School on Sam Road, which sits within the grounds of Diggle Primary School, said it was being "forced" to close.

Speaking to The Oldham Times, managers Jenna Evans and Susan Rushworth, said they were "heartbroken", "saddened" and "shocked" by the decision which came after governors of Diggle School met with the preschool for a 'consultation' on opening their own nursery.

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The headteacher of Diggle School, Sarah Newton, also announced the plan would be going ahead and said the school is "very excited to be able to fulfil parental wishes by creating our own Diggle School Nursery" which will be "staffed by existing early years qualified Diggle School staff".

The plans mean the current not-for-profit Dandelions team, which has been teaching youngsters for more than 13 years and has been continually graded 'outstanding' by Ofsted, must leave the premises this summer.

Now, governors say their month-long consultation period has officially come to an end and they are "pleased to announce that the Diggle School Nursery will be opening" on Tuesday, September 3, this year.

The governors also said they "acknowledge" how some parents are feeling about the change.

The statement read: "Whilst there was no negative feedback regarding the school having a nursery, the governors acknowledge the disappointment expressed by both current and former parents of Diggle Dandelions children regarding the end of the lease.

"In exploring options for a Diggle School nursery, we assessed whether the main school building could accommodate such a facility.

"After extensive discussion, we concluded that the only viable option was to end the lease on our premises within the school grounds, which is currently occupied by Diggle Dandelions."

The school added: "Diggle Dandelions have rented our purpose-built, on-site classroom space for a number of years.

"We hope that they can continue to serve the wider Saddleworth community in alternative premises."

Meanwhile, places for Diggle School Nursery are "limited" and those who are looking to get a nursery spot for their youngsters are being encouraged to call 01457 601970, email or read the full admission document on the website,

Diggle Dandelions Pre-School has been contacted for comment.

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